The CPEN Social Media Toolkit is a collection of resources that supports cancer patient educators in their delivery of education through social media. Recognizing that patient educators vary in experience from beginner to expert, the toolkit offers resources that support the entire span of expertise.

  • Building Your Presence lists information on specific aspects you may consider when being active on social media. Links to peer-reviewed research, white papers, grey literature, books, and other sources are provided.
  • Cancer Education Tools provides lists of online tools like videos and apps that may be relevant to your practice.

Although the toolkit strives to provide evidence-based materials, using social media in healthcare is a novel field and the research base is still emerging. Priority is given to peer-reviewed research, however other sources including white papers and grey literature are included where deemed to add value. Sources are clearly marked for each resource included in this toolkit.

Is something missing from the toolkit?

Our goal with this toolkit is to provide CPEN members with the information they need to become active on social media. If we’ve missed something, we want to know!

  • If you know of a resource that should be added to this toolkit, tell us here.
  • Is there a topic we missed? Send us your thoughts here.

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